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Over 50 Years of Service in Orlando


Badger Welding is a full-service provider of Commercial, Industrial and Residential welding of all types of metal. Our goal is for complete customer satisfaction on a wide variety of welding projects.


We pride ourselves on being able to help our customers reach their project needs.   We work on a variety of different projects for different businesses and individuals.  We strive to put ourselves out there and let the quality of our work speak for itself.


Our shop has the tools and capabilities to complete your projects needs in the Orlando area. Whether it’s a project that needs bending, cutting, punching, shearing or milling, we can get the job done to your satisfaction. Contact us for your project needs no matter how big, small, unique, or custom it may be.


Our shop has completed projects ranging from steel frames for warehouse storage all the way to production wheelchair part adjustments.   We are a custom fabrication shop that can help you meet your needs.


806 W Landstreet Rd
Orlando, FL 32824


We are also a certified welder of Titanium, Copper, Steel, Aluminum, Brass, and Stainless Inconel.


Whether you need just one or one thousand pieces fabricated, we have the tools to get it all done. Please contact us for any type of job you need! Got a blueprint or sketch for your project and just want to get a quote? Fill out our form and see what we can do for you.


We are also active on our Facebook page as an additional way to see our work, find our address, or contact us using social media. Click here to visit our Facebook page with additional information!